Saturday, December 11, 2010

Most Kings

“Most young kings get their heads cut off” Is the title of a painting from the once graffiti artist turned famous painter Jean Michel Basquiat.  I came across it reading Jay Z’s new book “Decoded” which is pretty good so far.  Jay Z has this painting on the wall in one of his homes saying that it’s a reminder to him that when you are on top of your game there are many things that can bring you back down. Drugs, women, jealousy can all be the down fall of anyone, but most definitely celebrities.  He gave examples of a few stars that fell victim.  Also he gave an example of the painter himself whom was found from an overdose at a young age.
I believe this quote can be interpreted in many different ways.  What I got from it is that once you achieve a certain status here in this country and have influence on the people “they” will try to bring you back down or chop your head off (figuratively speaking).

If you pay attention to sports some of the greatest athletes that we have ever seen somehow or another was taken out of their prime. Such athletes as Ali, Tyson, and more recently Michael Vick fall under this category.  You would think that after a certain NFL quarterback was charged of rape not once but twice he’d spend some time in jail and miss a few years out of his career as well…but NOPE. Makes you go hmmm…right?

To make my point more clear the biggest star ever to walk the planet, and may arguably had the biggest death since Jesus Christ had his head chopped off as well.  When I say chopped off I mean the child molestation cases.  After Michael Jackson's death it was sad but at the same time it was like a celebration.  In life as well in death he brought people together.  There wasn’t a stop light you stopped at that wasn’t playing his music and it gave you a good feeling at least it did for me.  With that kind of following and influence made him a target from many angles, I mean people killed themselves when they found out he died! Mike was that serious to some.  But who knows what “Swagger Jackson” had planned on that tour before he died? We do know his last performance that we seen before he died the next day was “They don’t really care about us.” Lol

When Kanye West got on TV and said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”, I thought his career was over.  It wasn't and we should be glad.  Dude is a musical genius.  Even after all the controversy this latest album will go down in history, nothing has ever been done like it before.  I would go as far as calling it a masterpiece. Lol. But back to the point, Ye doesn’t know how to shut his mouth.  He speaks truth.  No one wants to hear the truth, because it hurts.  This dude has too much influence to talk freely as he always does.  So, he speaks through the music, if you’re listening you can hear it. Lol. And “they” telling us the same guy who had a hit smash talking about Jesus that was played on the radio and in clubs is a ….huh??? Cause “they” said what??  When Ye says "no one man should have all that power" I wonder who he's talking bout?  There’s a message in the music and it’s not devil worshipping. Lol. Peace.
“As long as I’m in polo smiling they think they got me/but they’ll try to crack me if ever they see a black me/ I thought I picked a field where they couldn’t sat me.”-Kanye West “Gorgeous”

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