Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lakers VS Heat

So yesterday was probably the most anticipating game of the 2010 NBA season.  Lakers vs Heat. Something like a all-star game with superstars like Wade and Lebron vs Kobe and Gasol. But it wasn't what most people expected. Heat won by almost twenty points. With a rough start of the season they are finally starting to find their rhythm.  They were on a twelve game winning streak but was interrupted by the Dallas Mavs.  Yesterdays game might have been the worst thing to happen for other NBA teams cause that was definitely a confidence boost for the Lebron and the Heat. During the 4th quarter in the game their was trash talking between Kobe and Lebron. I read somewhere that Kobe let LBJ know that he was a Champ after LBJ asked him "what he got for Christmas." LOL  Fuck Kobe BTW and Fuck them Lime green sneakers the Lakers wore last night.

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