Sunday, March 20, 2011

Frank Ocean & Beyonce


Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

What up? What up? Twitter is awesome.Lol.  Twitter has put me on to some dope music, dope books, dope people, dope chics.... #needisaymore? Anyone who says twitter is stupid they're just not using it right. Twitter has put me on to Big Krit who's highly anticipated second tape is bout to drop this week. Sure it wont come out the deck for about four months like the first one..Lol. Twitter introduced me to these #OFWGKTA dudes.  Its like ten of them, ages from 16 to like 19.  But these aren't any stanky leg super man yulll brain raps tho, these kids are spitting and they gives no fucks what so ever.  Odd is the perfect name for them, cause I cant seem to fathom how does a 16 year old (Earl Sweat Shirt) spit better than a lot of cats that's twice his age.  Another member of the group Tyler the Creator raps, directs, and does his thing with the beats.  I'm more a fan of his beats but he has bars as well.  What else is crazy is that Questlove, Kanye, Mos, Badu, Diddy, Pusha T all validates these kids.  But check it.....Beyonce was even in the studio with one of their RnB members Frank Ocean...LOL Be on the look out for these O.F dudes!!!! Here is a video "Ass Milk" peep the back and forth flow and how the beat switches up between em.

Its Been A long Time

What up? What up? Been a minute since I been up here I was bored tonight so I thought I'd drop in say what up, share a few links and some of my thoughts. Three months into the new year, and I #cantcomplainonebit. I knew this year would be awesome, because there would be changes. Change is always good. "But things DON'T change we do."  My New Years resolution was to read at least one book every month.(Mainly inspirational self-help books of #WINNERS) Well its the third month and I'm only on book number two..Lol..that just means I'll have to knock two this month to catch up. I'm not going to front before Nov of last year I probably haven't read a book since high school.  The reasoning behind me wanting to read a book a month was the situations life was throwing at me wasn't adding up. I wasn't doing something right..CHANGE was needed.  I didn't have much guidance, references, models,etc growing up, but one thing I was taught that if I ever wanted to know something get a book. *Sidenote* #FuckE-books cause sooner or later real books want be around and you wont have the choice to read what you want .Lol aint that some shit? Ya know I had to drop some #spiracy in there..Lol....Anyway tho......The goal of 2011 is  reprogramming my whole shit to get the results I want. #WINNING. Peace.

Sunday, December 26, 2010



Lakers VS Heat

So yesterday was probably the most anticipating game of the 2010 NBA season.  Lakers vs Heat. Something like a all-star game with superstars like Wade and Lebron vs Kobe and Gasol. But it wasn't what most people expected. Heat won by almost twenty points. With a rough start of the season they are finally starting to find their rhythm.  They were on a twelve game winning streak but was interrupted by the Dallas Mavs.  Yesterdays game might have been the worst thing to happen for other NBA teams cause that was definitely a confidence boost for the Lebron and the Heat. During the 4th quarter in the game their was trash talking between Kobe and Lebron. I read somewhere that Kobe let LBJ know that he was a Champ after LBJ asked him "what he got for Christmas." LOL  Fuck Kobe BTW and Fuck them Lime green sneakers the Lakers wore last night.

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