Sunday, March 20, 2011

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

What up? What up? Twitter is awesome.Lol.  Twitter has put me on to some dope music, dope books, dope people, dope chics.... #needisaymore? Anyone who says twitter is stupid they're just not using it right. Twitter has put me on to Big Krit who's highly anticipated second tape is bout to drop this week. Sure it wont come out the deck for about four months like the first one..Lol. Twitter introduced me to these #OFWGKTA dudes.  Its like ten of them, ages from 16 to like 19.  But these aren't any stanky leg super man yulll brain raps tho, these kids are spitting and they gives no fucks what so ever.  Odd is the perfect name for them, cause I cant seem to fathom how does a 16 year old (Earl Sweat Shirt) spit better than a lot of cats that's twice his age.  Another member of the group Tyler the Creator raps, directs, and does his thing with the beats.  I'm more a fan of his beats but he has bars as well.  What else is crazy is that Questlove, Kanye, Mos, Badu, Diddy, Pusha T all validates these kids.  But check it.....Beyonce was even in the studio with one of their RnB members Frank Ocean...LOL Be on the look out for these O.F dudes!!!! Here is a video "Ass Milk" peep the back and forth flow and how the beat switches up between em.

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  1. Oooooh we were just talking about them! So wait they produce their own music too?! Like all of it?! Sheesh.. when their album drops I'm copping. Love the music reviews :D