Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its Been A long Time

What up? What up? Been a minute since I been up here I was bored tonight so I thought I'd drop in say what up, share a few links and some of my thoughts. Three months into the new year, and I #cantcomplainonebit. I knew this year would be awesome, because there would be changes. Change is always good. "But things DON'T change we do."  My New Years resolution was to read at least one book every month.(Mainly inspirational self-help books of #WINNERS) Well its the third month and I'm only on book number two..Lol..that just means I'll have to knock two this month to catch up. I'm not going to front before Nov of last year I probably haven't read a book since high school.  The reasoning behind me wanting to read a book a month was the situations life was throwing at me wasn't adding up. I wasn't doing something right..CHANGE was needed.  I didn't have much guidance, references, models,etc growing up, but one thing I was taught that if I ever wanted to know something get a book. *Sidenote* #FuckE-books cause sooner or later real books want be around and you wont have the choice to read what you want .Lol aint that some shit? Ya know I had to drop some #spiracy in there..Lol....Anyway tho......The goal of 2011 is  reprogramming my whole shit to get the results I want. #WINNING. Peace.

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