Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010 Resurrection of Hip Hop

In 2006 Nas said Hip Hop was dead. At the time I could not agree more, but in the year of 2010 it is definitely alive and well. Rappers like Jay Electronica, (N.O.) Big K.R.I.T, (MS) J.Cole, (NC) Wale ,(DC) Kid Cudi, (OH) Fashawn (CA) just to name a few, are changing up the game with their clever lyricism. Hip-Hop is definitely taking a turn back to lyricism and straying away from the ring tone rappers and "stanky leg brains" I like to call them.  Hip hop is sounding like it did back in 96-98 as far as lyricism. All in all I guess it is true when they say "history repeats itself." I don't believe Nas would now say that hip hop is dead.  If this is what he wanted for hip hop he has it. It may be time for Nasty Nas to force his way back on to the scene. Although he did a collaboration album (Distant Relatives) earlier this year with Damien Marley; the late Bob Marley's son that was an instant classic imo. But it wasn't recognized as much, I guess because it talked about social politics more heavily than most of us are used to hearing. If you like music that lifts your spirits while burning incenses and cleaning up on a Saturday morning I suggest you cop it. I may do a post on that album and elaborate on  a few of my favorite tracks in a future post. Until then check out the video below by the homie Big K.R.I.T from Meridian, MS. Peace.

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