Thursday, December 9, 2010

Better Position

What up What up? I hadn't planned for this to be my next post but I'll keep it short.(or at least try to)  What I want to talk about is the large number of black males that aspire to be rappers.  I love hip-hop and I understand that it isn't just rapping it is about expressing ourselves through a way otherwise we would never be heard, in a country where we are not set up to win point.blank.period.  So I understand why so many of us relate to hip-hop cause its what we know. Most people cling to what they can directly relate to. So with that being said, I am not knocking anyone who chooses that path, nothing is impossible in my opinion, this is America. (although they will try to road block you)

The point that I want to make is don't just aspire to be "a rapper" but take it further than that. Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, and 50 cent are in the 100 million dollar club but never had a college degree better yet even went to high school, but through dedication and hard work they some how made it get to the position that they are in.  To make my point what i'm saying to the young dudes who do aspire to take this path in this day and time, have these dudes as examples that it can be done.  We are in a better position because a lot of us have the chance to enroll in colleges to receive the knowledge that these guys didn't have the chance to learn, therefore putting you in a better position and making it easier to understand the business side. In other words just don't aspire to be the rapper but the business man as well, thats where the money is.  And why not read a book a few nights,eat, party and fuck different chics? Peace.

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